Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Metropolitan Park, Kepong: A Kite Playing Spot

If you happen to be around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and wish to fly kite, remember Metropolitan Park near Kepong. On a breezy afternoon, particularly on holidays, young and old will be enjoying flying their kites.
Don't worry if you don't have any kite as they are sold at the park between RM10-50.

There are also some traditional kites enthusiasts. Following is a Wau Bulan (Moon Kite) flown. The object that is attached to the head of the Wau is a hummer that produces a soothing humming sound. Note that it is made of plain and simple plastic material.

The following is a variation of a Wau Daun (Leaf Kite) flown. A hummer is not attached to a Wau Daun in a competition but it is for recreational flying only.

A kitesman attending to his Wau Daun (Leaf Kite) following an unexpected crash.