Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wanna Fly a Kite?

Assuming that you have made or got a kite; pictured above are the basic kiting gears that you would need to fly a kite. The most important of all is the kite string and a spool to wind the string. Attaching a fishing swivel at the end of the string before it is hooked to the kite's bridle will help to avoid the string being twisted. The strength of the string is dependent on the size of the kite and the strength of the breeze. A simple kite string is good enough for a small kite whereas a bigger kite will require a stronger braided type of string. Avoid using monofilament fishing lines for flying kites as they are sharp and easily cut off when brushed against or crossed lines. You may require a pair of gloves as a taut string can easily hurt your fingers. A multipurpose tool will be handy if you need to cut the string. Happy Kiting.

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